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What is an Organizational Assessment?
An Organizational Assessment is an evaluation of a nonprofit’s current condition within a multi-faceted and continually evolving context. An Organizational Assessment provided by NYCON gives you an opportunity to step back, reflect, and create an objective picture of your organization’s reality in regards to funding streams, organizational structure, board governance, etc. Comprehensive assessments are holistic in approach and examine all significant and interrelated organizational components of an organization.

What to expect from an Assessment:
These assessments can identify areas and provide recommendations where corrective actions, improvements or other changes are necessary and/or will yield the great-est benefit to the health and success of the nonprofit and accomplishment of it’s mission.

An Organizational Assessment is Not:

  • A strategic plan for the organization
  • A substitute for a fund development, marketing or any specific work plan
  • An employee or individual board member performance evaluation
  • Conducted with the expectation of building consensus within the client nonprofit, or other stakeholders, to agree with the analysis or findings or commit to carrying out the recommendations

What NYCON Can Provide You Our staff-based consultant are objective, but also sensitive to your organization’s needs. We possess organizational expertise and years of nonprofit industry knowledge, increasing the depth and analysis of your organizational assessment.

Scope, Design & Cost
The design, scope and cost of an assessment depend on the purpose or intended outcome as well as the scale of the overall assessment. Assessments can focus on one or a select number of components including, but not limited to:

  • Mission, Vision & Values
  • Governance and Leadership
  • Managerial Systems & Infrastructure
  • Finances, Resource Development
  • Human Resources
  • Programs, Services & Impact

Depending on your situation either one, none, or all of these components can be included. Assessments involved a variety of data collection methods which may include: document reviews, data and trend analysis, interviews, surveys, and focus groups. Consultants can either provide you with an overall assessment, or work with you on one particular problem your agency has identified.

Process & Work Product
NYCON’s approach is to share observations and findings as the process unfolds, and to take into full consideration the views of the board and management in the analysis. NYCON’s highly experienced multi-disciplinary professional team will produce an assessment plan detailing goals, methods, time frame and cost projections. We customize the assessment methodology and process to best suit the unique purposes and circumstances that each nonprofit brings.

For More Information Contact:
Susan Weinrich, Vice President Organizational Development Services
P. (800) 434-9194 ext. 115

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