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We know that unemployment costs are on the rise. After researching vendors and products, NYCON has chosen to endorse the First Nonprofit Unemployment Savings Program, LLC to provide our members with a turnkey solution to save money on their unemployment tax costs. First Nonprofit Unemployment Savings Program, LLC has saved thousands of dollars for our colleagues in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Dakota.

get-started-now.pngNYCON Members receive a free cost-savings analysis 
plus 20% off the FNP one-time enrollment fee!
(To allow First Nonprofit access to your NYS Unemployment claims information, please also print this form on your letterhead and submit with your free cost-savings analysis.)

Learn more about the Reimbursing Option for nonprofits:

Several states - including New York - have announced changes to their unemployment taxable wage bases, effective 2014. A state unemployment taxable wage base is the maximum amount on which an employer must pay unemployment taxes for each employee. For example, an employer in Oregon must pay unemployment taxes on the first $35,000 an employee earns throughout the 2014 calendar year.

Why is this information important?

Several states have an upcoming April 30th deadline to submit their 1st quarter 2014 wage report. Unemployment taxes must be paid on the correct wage base to avoid any penalties. An increase in the taxable wage base can also mean an increase in unemployment tax cost per employee. For example, if an employer in North Dakota had a 1.0% unemployment rate in 2013, their cost per employee would be $318 ($31,800 x 1.0%). In 2014, that cost would increase to $336, should their tax rate remain at 1.0% ($33,600 x 1.0%).



Contact Cecilia Piazza, Vice President, Member Services at Fist Nonprofit Companies or call (800) 526-4352 ext. 772



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