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Health Insurance

The team of NYCON and Council Services Plus (our insurance brokerage subsidiary) works to find comprehensive Health Insurance Plans that fit into your nonprofit´s budget. Whether you would like a traditional option or something "out of the box," we can help you safely explore the complex world of health insurance coverage in New York State. We can also provide additional services like Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) to help you provide the highest quality coverage to your employees at a cost your organization can afford.


number1.jpgLocated in the Greater Capital Region, Mid-Hudson Valley or Central NY? Try the convenience of one bill and one single point of contact! As a member of the New York Council of Nonprofits, you will have access to our third party administration. For a minimal fee, NYCON can assist you in offering and managing a health insurance plan(s) for your nonprofit. Through plan administration, we offer the convenience of one bill and one single point of contact for all of your insurance questions. NYCON also offer administration for (high deductible, lower cost). Get a Quick Quote.  Have Questions? Contact Us.


number2.jpgLocated Outside the Capital Region, Mid-Hudson Valley or Central NY? Would you like to administer your own benefits, or have a plan tailored to your exact needs? Please note: NYCON only offers administration through carriers that will issue us a group plan in a particular region. If you would like a program tailored to fit your needs that you can administer yourself, NYCON can still help your nonprofit through our insurance subsidiary, Council Services Plus!


A Note About Group Purchasing for Health Insurance:

The bad news is that though NYCON is a Membership Association we do not "group purchase" health insurance. Due to complex rules and regulations set forth by New York State, we are not able to negotiate lower rates for our members at this time.

The good news is that NYCON can provide members in most regions with access to affordable health plans through CDPHP - with no restrictions on participation and offering you a variety of options - even if you happen to be a small nonprofit. No other association can do this for you. Along with the service through CS Plus, one-stop-shop convenience, and NYCON consolidated billing, the benefits to working with us are clear


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"Understanding Health Insurance Options for Nonprofits"


Need to Save Money on Health Insurance? Enhance Benefits or Start a New Plan?
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  • Please contact Eric Laughlin, Licensed Account Representative at Council Services Plus. CS Plus staff will help NYCON Members determine what benefits options are right for your staff and your budget.

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