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Dental Insurance [download informational flyer]

As a member of NYCON, you will have access to our Delta Dental Programs. For a minimal fee, NYCON can assist you in offering and managing a dental insurance plan(s) for your nonprofit. Through plan administration, we offer the convenience of one bill and one single point of contact for all of your insurance questions.

Choose from one of the following options:

DeltaPPO Option (PPO) is a discounted fee-for-service, managed-cost dental plan that allows you the freedom to choose any dentist for treatment, (but you will receive the greatest benefit from a dentist participating in Delta’s preferred provider network.) The Delta Premier program has the nation´s largest dental network, with more than three out of every four of the country´s dentists participating. Delta Premier provides a level of enrollee protection that is unmatched.

DeltaCare USA Option (HMO) Delta Care USA is Delta Dental’s national Dental Health Maintenance Organization. Subscribers select from a panel of primary care dentists. These dentists manage subscriber’s comprehensive dental needs including referrals to specialists, which earns each dentist a monthly capitation amount. Delta Care USA is the choice for groups seeking lower costs, an emphasis on prevention and access to a pre-selected network of dentists.

What nonprofits are eligible to enroll in these plans?
Staff, Board Members or Volunteers are eligible to enroll effective the first of any month after the signing of a group contract with the New York Council of Nonprofits, Inc. NYCON will provide identification cards for this plan. Subscribers may also use their social security number and the group number indicated as proof of their enrollment and benefits.

How can we find out what dentists are in our area?
You can use Delta Dental's comprehensive "search" tool on their website. Click here.

How do we enroll in the dental plans?
Below is all the information that is needed to start the application process for enrollment into the Delta Dental program. Please note the requested paperwork must be returned in advance of the carrier's requirements. For example, to ensure a June 1st start date, you would need to return the following paperwork to our attention by May 15th. In general, paperwork and payments must be submitted 15 days in advance of your desired effective date.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do we send completed paperwork?
Paperwork can be mailed to: John Daniels, CS Plus, 272 Broadway, Albany NY, 12204.

How do we tailor the dental plan to our employees exact needs?
If you would like a program tailored to fit your needs or one that you can administer yourself, NYCON can help your nonprofit through our insurance subsidiary. Please email CS Plus and let them know you're a member of NYCON.

Have immediate questions about starting a new plan?
Please contact John Daniels, CS Plus, 272 Broadway, Albany NY, 12204 or email

Have questions about an existing plan?
Please contact John Daniels, CS Plus, 272 Broadway, Albany NY, 12204 or email


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