The Soapbox and Toolbox for New York State's Nonprofits

Consortium & Coalition Development

Since its inception, NYCON has had, as its core values, the promotion of collaboration, service integration, and the reduction of unnecessary duplication of services.

NYCON maintains a long and successful track record in organizing and providing ongoing planning and administrative support for community-based collaborative efforts to address issues of concern to local communities.

NYCON has provided staffing and facilitation assistance to several coalitions focused on issues related to domestic violence, aging, substance abuse, and mental illness. The type and level of assistance provided varies from coalition to coalition and is determined by each group's specific needs and resources. Staffing assistance can include help with goal setting and long range planning, setting meeting agendas and obtaining speakers, organizing special programs, meeting facilitation, preparation of meeting minutes and mailings, maintenance and update of membership mailing lists, and collection of dues.

For further information contact Susan Weinrich at (518) 434-9194, ext. 115.

NYCON develops and promotes an effective and vibrant charitable nonprofit community throughout New York State.  We strengthen organizational capacity, act as an advocate and unifying voice, help to inform philanthropic giving, and conduct research and planning to demonstrate relevance and impact.