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Audio & Web Conferencing with ReadyTalk

Discounted Audio and Web Conferencing

NYCON members pay only 4 cents per minute/per participant for voice conferencing and 8 cents per minute/per participant for web conferencing - more than 70% off the regular price of ReadyTalk services.  Dial in participants are given a Toll-free number saving them money as well.  If you already use a teleconferencing service, visit to see what this program can save you.

ReadyTalk's user friendly services include Toll-free, 'reservationless' teleconferencing with training and live technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  ReadyTalk users can choose traditional telephone audio conferencing, or combine audio and visual webcasting to create interactive webinars by uploading documents, pictures, or even PowerPoint presentations to your ReadyTalk conferencing center.  ReadyTalk also allows you to record and edit your presentations for archiving, viewing at a later date, or embedding on your website.  Easy to use and great support, no set up fees or hidden costs. Each session can handle up to 96 participants. 

Nonprofits can use ReadyTalk to:

  • Hold webinars to generate interest in programs and initiatives 
  • Disseminate information to geographically dispersed members 
  • Cut down on travel by saving time and money 
  • Organize board and chapter meetings 
  • Recruit and provide orientation to employees, members, or volunteers 
  • Record meetings, webinars, advocacy appeals, or employee & volunteer training presentations 


For more information, to set up a demo, or to sign up for ReadyTalk, please contact: Jose Lozano at (303) 209-1627 or

This Vendor is Endorsed by NYCON

Contact: Jose Lozano

Phone: (303) 209-1627


Website: Audio & Web Conferencing with ReadyTalk Website

Denver, Colorado

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