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NYCON is partnering with  to provide our members a 30% discount on their simple, online solution to the state charity registration process. Save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars annually while ensuring you are compliant in the states you solicit donations. No more piles of folders, juggling deadlines and extensions, and handwriting forms over and over with the same information!

Your first state is FREE, Only $35 per state thereafter, with a maximum of $630 for all states
*This represents a 30% discount from public pricing. makes the process simple:

  • Questions ­ we ask the right questions (once) 
  • Forms ­ we fill out the forms for you
  • File ­ we provide simple instructions for filing in each state

 We also keep the process easy and organized, with helpful deadline reminders.

See How Easy it Can Be

More Information on Multi-State Charity Registration for Nonprofits doing Fundraising...

If you struggle with your state charitable solicitation registration or don't even know what it is, there is a new innovative service available to help you. New York State and 37 other states require charitable organizations that solicit or intend to solicit in their state to register with either their State Attorney General or Secretary of State's office. Registration is not an endorsement of the charity by these states, but it does provide accountability and transparency to its residents.

Failure of a charity to register when required, can bring penalties and open them to potential civil action.

Each individual state has its own forms, fees, and required documents, with most states having annual renewals and financial reporting with various filing deadlines. While states do have categories of organizations that are exempt from registration, there is not a detailed set of definitions and distinctions across the categories, and some states actually require applications to be filed for exemption status.

Charities who have been through the charitable solicitation registration process know that it is incredibly tedious — multiple folders/files on your desk, calendar notes of deadlines to keep track of, charts of requirements, and printed forms to complete by hand.

Now there is a simple solution to the charitable solicitation registration process! Simple Charity Registration (SCR) is an online service that streamlines the state charitable registration process into a few easy steps:

  • Use our compliance wizard to determine which states you need to register/file in
  • Complete the questionnaire of relevant state questions which auto­fills the correct registration forms
  • Print the completed forms and attached checklist detailing exactly how to file and what needs to be included with each state registration form.

SCR was created by nonprofit professionals who have been through the charity registration process, and wanted to streamline it for others. The service was created with the needs of nonprofits in mind and includes links to specific state information, detailed filing instructions, and it even sends upcoming deadline email reminders for each state you register in. Add in our amazing customer support team and you have the ultimate charity registration solution!

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Contact: Culin Tate

Phone: 1 (800) 780-6027


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