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Effort Reporting Software

We Certify: A Web-Based Effort Certification System for Nonprofit Organizations

A unique, new web-based effort certification system designed specifically for nonprofits to ensure compliance with federal reporting regulations.

Did you know that nonprofits who receive federal funding, either directly or from a pass-through agency, are required to comply with the time and effort reporting provisions of 2 CFR Part 230, formerly known as OMB Circular A-122. Yet, either by virtue of not understanding the complex regulations, or simply lacking resources, many nonprofits commonly struggle with effort reporting and its concepts. In fact, Non-compliance with effort reporting regulations is the single largest audit disallowance for nonprofits.  

We Certify provides an easy to use, customizable solution designed to achieve compliance without specialized training or expensive software. NYCON Members receive a 17% discount off of published pricing. For more information please visit 

You can also contact Margaret Callahan at (518) 431-1257or via email at

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Contact: Margaret Callahan

Phone: (518) 431-1257


Website: Effort Reporting Software Website

Albany, New York

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