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Dental Insurance


Delta Care USA
Dental Services Paid by Delta

Periodic oral evaluation         No cost 
Diagnostic Casts                     No cost 
Cleaning (1 every 6 months) No cost
Replacement Crown               $10        
Crown (Resin, Indirect)           $110      
Root Canal (Molar)                  $180

The services above represent a sample of frequently used services. For full details please contact NYCON. No Deductible.  Maximums: Please see contract pricing sheet for details. Maximums may apply to specific areas.


Dependent children are covered to age 19. Full-time dependent students enrolled in bona fide institution of higher education are covered to age 29. Mentally and physically disabled dependent children are eligible for dental care under the program regardless of age.  Orthodontics is a benefit for adults and dependent children.


Features: Coverage is available for qualified Domestic Partners. Coverage is available for volunteers and part-time staff.
2014 Monthly Payments
Individual          $33.39
2-Person           $52.06
Family              $72.63

*Rates are the same for upstate and downstate

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