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Ceous Global Background Checks

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In today’s world, careful screening of paid staff and volunteers is required to protect your nonprofit’s people, programs and good will in the community. The customized services provided by Coeus Global will allow your nonprofit to effectively conduct background screening of paid staff and volunteers, track your applicants’ background checks, and make the best decisions about who to hire/engage.

Through its partnership with NYCON, you can benefit from the lowest background checking and screening costs and highest quality of services for nonprofits in the nation. Coeus Global has extensive experience working with nonprofit organizations, including all-volunteer groups, and is familiar with our network.

Screening and background checking through Coeus Global features:

  • Standardized screening packages offering the most commonly requested search types bundled together for fast and efficient ordering.
  • Customizable package and "a la carte" ordering options for special screening services, such as motor vehicle checks, immigration compliance checks and local county checks.
  • Superb customer service & support.
  • Full compliance with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act as well as all related federal, state and local regulations.
  • No application fee and fast enrollment so that you can order their background checks almost immediately upon registering with Coeus Global.


This Vendor is Endorsed by NYCON

Contact: Art Ferreira

Phone: 866-765-0592 x302

Website: Ceous Global Background Checks Website


P.O. Box 885

Cottonwood, California

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