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Budget & Cash Flow Toolkits Available Now


Budget development is daunting. Planning, program review, allocations, multiple funding streams, and varying contract years can be difficult to assemble into a format that is user friendly. NYCON is proud to announce that we have created a “Budget Toolkit Template” to assist with the preparation of your organization’s fiscal year budget.

Designed with the needs and resources of the smaller to medium sized nonprofit in mind, NYCON’s Chief Finance Officer and staff have designed a “fool proof” tool for developing a streamlined, compliant and easy to understand budget.

The features of the Budget Toolkit include:

·         Built in instructions on “Getting Started” and “How to Develop Your Budget”

·         Built in formulas and linked spreadsheets

·         Definitions & Glossary on types of budgets, frequently used budgeting terms & more

·         Helpful notes that ‘pop up’ as you create your budget spreadsheet

·         Quick and easy allocations (for shared costs like space and supplies, etc.)

·         Templates that your organization can utilize to customize for your own organization’s budget and salary and fringe expenditures.

·         And more

Contract & Funder payments are less reliable and timely than ever before. To help our members with forecasting, NYCON is also proud to debut the new “Cash Flow Toolkit” which, just like the Budget Toolkit, will be a great addition to any nonprofit fiscal office. These days we all know it is essential for a nonprofit to attempt to monitor its own cash flow.

This toolkit, like our Budget Toolkit, takes the mystery out of forecasting and helps to guide you step-by-step through the process.

Pricing & Order Info:

Budget & Cash Flow Toolkit Combo

Members:                    $299.00
Non-Members:            $399.00

Cash Flow Toolkit

Members:                    $29.99
Non-Members:            $59.99

Order Now:


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