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December 29, 2016

UPDATE: New York State's Increased Minimum Wage & Increases to ‘White Collar’ Overtime Exemption

Changes are Effective as of 12/31/2016

As our members may already be aware, the minimum hourly wage for employees in New York State will increase on 12/31/2016. The exact amount is dependent the location, size, and even industry, of the employer. See this chart from the New York State Department of Labor on the official rates.

The New York State Department of Labor recently finalized a wage order that increases the weekly salary thresholds for administrative and executive work (the so-called “white collar exemptions”), thereby greatly increasing the number of workers who will qualify for overtime pay. As mentioned in our update to NYCON Members in November, the no-end-in-sight injunction against the federal Fair Labor Standards Act increases for ‘white collar’ overtime-exempt salaries means that all New York State employers should use New York's more-employee-deferential rules.

Our NYS-specific Overtime Compensation Compliance Guide contains a chart showing both the minimum wage and ‘white collar’ salaries as they fluctuate by location and employer size. 

Questions? NYCON Members can send their questions to our legal staff by clicking here.

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