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June 28, 2016

Take the Nonprofit Times Salary & Benefits Survey Today

The Nonprofit Times and Bluewater Nonprofit Solutions are pleased to announce the launch of the "2016 Nonprofit Salary & Benefits Survey." 

Once again, NYCON Members are invited to participate in this comprehensive report! Those that do contribute data to the survey will receive a free Executive Summary of the New York State Data (with salary information for all positions.)  The full New York State survey report will be issued separately, but also serves as a useful part of the comprehensive national survey.

The survey is designed to be quick and easy, with help just a click or phone call away if you need it.  Faster and easier to complete! Any organizations who participated in the survey in 2015 can use their existing data to jump start the 2016 survey completion process.


Click Here to Get Started with the survey or to log in and begin with your already stored data. Forgot your password?  Click on the "forgot your password?"  link on the registration page of the survey and  it will be sent to you.Discount for NYCON Members! All members who complete the survey will also receive 50% off the cost of the full report ($250) which will include comprehensive data on nonprofit salaries and benefits in New York State and nationwide (including information about benefit offerings, costs, eligibility, and employee participation for 94 employee benefits from health insurance to retirement plans.) 


To view a sample of a NonProfit Times Salary and Benefits report for NY State,  Click Here.
The NonProfit Times 2016 Salary and Benefits Report will present survey results by multiple views to allow for quick and easy comparisons against relevant peer organizations by geographic location, operating budget, number of employees, and field of work. This report will provide detailed information on 94 employee benefit offerings, 28 job families, and hundreds of nonprofit positions with key performance metrics that can be used to benchmark compensation and benefit practice.


Need Help? Have Questions?

Please call Sue Bruder-Mattson on the Help Line at 1 (770) 777-4828 or email her at


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