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February 7, 2019

Princeton AlumniCorps: The Emerging Leaders Experience

The Emerging Leaders professional development program is designed to help aspiring leaders in the nonprofit and public sectors develop the leadership capabilities, management skills, and confidence that will advance their professional contributions and accelerate their careers. With personal growth as its core, the program yields tangible, near-term value to participants and their employers and supports their longer-term leadership development. It blends facilitated training and peer-group learning with experiential activities, personalized assessments, visiting panels of experts and executive directors, and on-the-job assignments. The topics covered include among others:

• Emotional intelligence, beginning with self-awareness and self-management
• Relationship-building, communications effectiveness and influencing
• Advancing equity and inclusion in the workplace
• People management, development skills and team dynamics
• Storytelling and presentation skills
• Nonprofit financial management and performance metrics
• Stakeholder roles and relationships (boards, partner organizations)
• Developing your leadership style and career path

Emerging Leaders is currently offered in New York City and Washington, DC. The program is designed to accommodate those with full-time jobs and requires employer cooperation as well. The program runs for a total of 8 full-day, monthly sessions from June-February (skipping August). All sessions are held on weekdays. Since 2011, more than 230 talented young leaders have graduated from the program, with another 32 to be enrolled for 2019-2020. To apply, visit the Applications page.


The program participation fee is based on a sliding scale tied to the size of your organization’s budget. This fee may be paid by you, your employer, or a combination of both. The participation fee scale is as follows:

  • Organizations with budgets over $10 million: $2500
  • Organizations with budgets between $5 and $10 million: $2000
  • Organizations with budgets between $3 million and $5 million: $1750
  • Organizations with budgets between $1 million and $3 million: $1500
  • Organizations with budgets under $1 million: $850


Emerging Leaders is made possible by a lead grant from American Express Foundation and generous individual donations.

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