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June 19, 2017

NYS Comptroller "Prompt Contracting" Report

From the full report:

New York State has long relied on not-for-profit organizations (NFPs) to provide vital services to the public in diverse areas ranging from health care to arts education. Through grant contracts, State agencies partner with NFPs to help our citizens with vocational training, homeless shelters, food pantries, elder care, afterschool programs, mental health care, disaster relief and countless other community services.

Unfortunately, despite the importance of these services, delays in the contracting process have contributed to uncertainty and financial hardship in the NFP sector. New York State’s Prompt Contracting Law, first enacted more than 25 years ago, represents an effort to streamline the process and expedite contracting for the benefit of NFPs and the people they serve. As this report shows, we are continuing to see signs of improvement in NFP contracting, but much work remains to be done. Even now, six out of every ten contracts are still executed late. New York’s NFP organizations face a number of serious challenges in the current environment.

Getting contracts signed and in place on time is one important and attainable step the State can take to help NFPs maintain financial stability. The recommendations in this report outline a path to make good on the State’s longstanding commitment to prompt contracting, and enable our NFP partners to continue to serve millions of New Yorkers in need.

Read and download the full report.

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