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August 10, 2017

HATAS-NYCON's August Member Spotlight

Our August Member Spotlight: 
Homeless and Travelers Aid Society, HATAS

HATAS has been a "model" NYCON member for more than 30 years now. Taking full advantage of their benefits from Grantstation to webinars, to the Executive Director Peer Group, most recently. We are so proud of everything that HATAS has done in their community and have been honored to be a small part of helping them achieve their goals.
The doors open at 8:30 am but the staff have been in the building for an hour already, pouring over files and emails, catching up on paperwork from the day before, getting paperwork ready for the day ahead and setting everything in place for what is always a very busy day. Some come in from as far as 45 miles away meaning that their day really starts just after 6 am. So the coffee pot is filled with water, water bottles are filled with ice, the bathrooms are cleaned and ready, all while the small talk that colleagues exchange goes back and forth. The rituals of serving Albany's homeless begin all over again in the HATAS headquarters on Central Avenue just as they do every week day. HATAS is the emergency intake agency for the homeless in Albany County and has a distinguished record of service dating back to 1927.
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