The Soapbox and Toolbox for New York State's Nonprofits

Monday, April 22, 2019 5:30 pm

Practical Solutions for Today’s Nonprofit Governance Challenges - Workshop VI [New York City]


Strategic Planning: Creating Your Organization's Road Map

Nonprofit organizations are increasingly challenged to respond to complex service delivery, settings, workforce, funding and regulatory environments. This training provides participants with a fundamental understanding of the how to incorporate strategic thinking and action into routine operations as well as understand what strategic planning is and is not, as well as how to determine the best time to engage in a strategic planning process. We will demystify planning and help participants to design a planning process that is best suited to their particular needs. In addition, the session will clarify the potential roles of board members, committee members, staff members, consumers, funders, donors, and other stakeholders in the planning process in order to ensure buy-in and a commitment to successful implementation.

Presenter: Susan Weinrich, Senior Vice President, Organizational and Community Development, New York Council of Nonprofits

Price: $25-$40



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