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Tuesday, December 19, 2017 11:30 am

Part 2 'Grantmaking 101 Series': Prospecting & Identifying [Lunch & Learn Webinar]

Presented by Kate McNally, Capacity Building Advisor, NYCON and Kate Cox, Capacity Building Advisor, Hudson valley Office, NYCON

Part 2 of the 'Grantmaking 101 Series': Prospecting & Identifying

The process of prospecting, identifying, applying for, accepting, delivering upon, and monitoring a grant to your nonprofit can be exciting and challenging. The best approach to this complicated process is to be strategic and proactive, and to develop as many tools and resources as possible to maximize the impact of the grant, and to thwart problems before they become serious.

In this webinar, the second in an ongoing series, we look at the process of prospecting and identifying new grant funding opportunities by discussing key factors to help your organization to effectively and efficiently research and apply to grantmakers. The webinar will provide tools for tracking and managing grant prospects, as well as a look at online funding search engines.

This introduction to grants management is aimed at organizations who may be searching for their first grant or are in the process of receiving one, as well as those organizations that may already be receiving grant funding, but that do not have a formal grant management process.

Additional, more advanced webinars will address topics such as accepting, setting up, delivering, monitoring and reporting.




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