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Friday, September 8, 2017 10:00 am

NYCON Member Training on Unemployment Claims Process 101

Join NYCON, in partnership with First Nonprofit Group, for a members only training webinar about the Unemployment Claims Process.

When it comes to managing the risk of unemployment expenses, documentation is critical.

Attend this "FREE" webinar and learn what nearly 2,000 nonprofit have learned:

  • Determine unemployment claim liability

  • Effective documentation processes

  • Strategies to win your case

  • How to reduce unemployment costs by 31% in 2018.

Unemployment Savings Program
We know that unemployment costs are on the rise. After researching vendors and products, NYCON has chosen to endorse the First Nonprofit Unemployment Savings Program, LLC to provide our members with a turnkey solution to save money on their unemployment tax costs. First Nonprofit Unemployment Savings Program, LLC has saved thousands of dollars for our colleagues in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Dakota.

  • Switching to an Unemployment Savings Program can actually save you 20% to 60%per year.

For more information about NYCON's partnership with First Nonprofit and how it can benefit your organization, click here








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