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February 13, 2015

We Get that a Lot: Board Management Software

We actually wish we got this question a lot more.
What board management software out there is affordable and can help make board member engagement easier and more effective?

You know your board members are busy. On the other hand we also know we need more of their time (and engagment - really understanding what the organization is doing, where it's going and how they can be of service). So why not make it easier for them to a) gain knowledge and b) engage with board and executive staff members more effectively?

The Rise of Board Management Software....
Many of our board members use collaboration or project management software in their daily professional lives, so it stands to reason that they may adapt to Board Managment portals quite easily. There are many things to consider, however, when thinking about investing in a tool like this. Make the wrong choice and it can ruin the experience right out of the gate. 

Ask the right questions and know your organizational culture....
Before you purchase any software or online tool, read these articles:

Right now we do not have a Membership Benefit program for this type of solution. But stay tuned to NYCON's website as our National Council of Nonprofits is pursuing a program with a Board Management software vendor.

Our staff have had experience with BoardDocs and has seen it work for larger nonprofits and educational instituations.

Questions? Please contact Valerie Venezia, VP of Membership & Marketing or Andrew Marietta, Manager of the Central NY Regional Office as this is an area of interest to both of them.

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