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Congratulations to St. Paul's Center -
Our June Member Spotlight

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St. Paul's Center has been a "model" member for almost 12 years. Taking full advantage of their benefits from the Staples group purchasing program to webinars, to Camp Finance and even the Exectuive Director Retreat. We are so proud of everything that St. Paul's has done in their community and have been honored to be a small part of helping them achieve their goals.

St. Paul's Center Building Bridges to a Brighter Future

The St. Paul’s Center Story
St. Paul's Center is an emergency homeless shelter for mothers and their children located in Rensselaer County. They are in their 11th year assisting the community's most vulnerable families. Each family has a unique story that explains their path to homelessness.

 Kim’s Story: When Kim decided to leave the father of her two children, to protect her children, it was a hard decision, but the right decision. Unfortunately, it caused Kim to spiral into depression along with drug and alcohol abuse to dull her fear and pain. Kim described the day she realized she needed to turn her life around: “I was getting kicked out of my mother’s house and I saw the way my kids were looking at me. It was like they were saying ‘help me, Mom, get out of this.’ I knew I needed to get us all out of this mayhem.”  When Kim and her children came to the St. Paul’s Center, she knew she needed to make major changes, but she felt overwhelmed. With the help of St. Paul’s, Kim decided to fight her way out of her situation. She enrolled in the Educational Opportunity Center’s building trades program – and Kim graduates this month! There is no one story that captures the experience of homelessness but Kim demonstrates the trait common to all moms who establish a stable home -a fighting spirit driven to do what's best for her kids. 

NYCON Member Since: 2005

Did You Know?
The concept for the St. Paul’s Center for homeless women and their children began in 2001 when St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Rensselaer merged with St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church in North Greenbush. Faced with the decision of what to do with a 100 year old building in the inner city, a task force was formed to study options. After extensive research a task force learned that shelter beds for homeless women and children were the most critical unmet need in the county. Under the inspired leadership of Pastor Lee Dyer, the congregation voted unanimously to donate the building to the project.

How NYCON Helps:
“The tool kit for the Nonprofit Revitalization Act was excellent. It enabled us to successfully make the changes necessary to comply with the act. NYCON staff are subject matter experts to rely on 100% of the time.”
-TracyPitcher, Executive Director

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