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Q: Why Does My Nonprofit Need a Board Governance Assessment?
A: An effective board is integral to your organization’s  future, and even the best boards need to periodically check-up and ask “How can we do this even better?”

NYCON’s Board Governance Assessments are a discovery tool that can help you answer that question. Our assessment process can help clarify what your organization need to do to improve or enhance the functioning and effectiveness of your board.  It can be used as an instrument for change - to assess and evaluate the current situation, policies, and practices  - for the purposes of improving its performance. 

Where Do We Start?
To get started, discuss with your board and Executive Director as to what components of your Board you’d like to start evaluating and improving upon.  These package assessments of your Board and Governance functions may be specific or broad in scope and include an online Board survey and self-assessment, a review of relevant documents, and a conversation with Board leadership. The assessment may review and address topics such as basic board legal and fiduciary responsibilities, committee structure, your readiness and priorities for strategic planning, and recommendations for how to enhance your organization’s fund development success.

The Fine Print: Rates & Packages
NYCON offers our members access to affordable, all inclusive Board Governance Assessment package options, for a flat fee of $1200*.

Each of our packages is designed to focus on one of the following areas:

  • Governance Realignment
  • Committee Structure Review
  • Fund Development Reinvigoration
  • Strategic Planning Preparedness

After purchasing  one the assessments, our NYCON experts will contact you with next steps. All assessments include a full report of your chosen topic area, summary of our consultant’s observations and recommendations as well as a one-hour phone consultation with your Board. When your assessment is completed and delivered, NYCON can provide you with additional consultation, training, retreat facilitation, and/or plan development at an hourly rate.

*Please note: All Packages are prepaid and  available for $1200 to current NYCON Members Only. Additional costs for travel, if necessary, would be determined during the course of the assessment. Board Governance Assessments are  typically completed within 4 to 6 weeks.



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