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Job Details

Full Time
Albany, NY
3 Years
Associate's Degree
March 10, 2017

Special Projects Director-NYS Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Inc.

General Nature of Position:  The Special Projects Coordinator is responsible for providing hands-on assistance and/or coverage where needed most to ensure NYSCASA consistently meets all funding requirements and project deliverables in an effective, timely manner. In addition, this position handles a variety of internal and external communications tasks, including those with members and consultants/ contractors, to ensure successful implementation of NYSCASA’s projects. This is a full-time, exempt position.

Preferred Qualifications:  Associate or higher degree and/or 3/5 years of relevant experience. Flexibility and a diverse skill base. Strong communication, organizational, and writing skills, including effective use of social media and website development. Commitment to and understanding of addressing sexual violence, anti-oppression work, and other social justice issues. Valid driver’s license.

Reports to: Senior Director of Finance and Human Resources

Specific Duties:

  • Communications—
  • Create and maintain organizational database of contacts.
  • Maintain correspondence with members.
  • Generate and send (email or postal mail) thank-you letters to donors.
  • Answer agency phones, providing assistance to callers as needed.
  • Handle social media and website updates, especially rape crisis program contact information; coordinate with website consultant as needed.
  • Prepare and distribute e-news updates on at least a monthly basis.
  • Project Support—
  • Handle all tasks associated with the lending resource library (i.e., purchasing, cataloging, lending, tracking, etc.)
  • Assist lead project staff with completion of deliverables as needed.
  • Develop and maintain well-organized system of required project-related documentation, including equipment inventory.
  • Other Activities—
    • Represent NYSCASA on committees, meetings, community events, conferences, and listservs.
    • Complete required reports.
    • Participate in professional development.
    • Attend NYSCASA meetings.
    • Assist with NYSCASA’s annual conference and any other events.
    • Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Finance and Human Resources.

Starting Salary:  $37,500


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