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Job Details

Full Time
East Meredith, NY
Bachelor's Degree
March 9, 2017

General Manager-West Kortright Centre

The General Manager's primary role is to oversee the day-to-day 
implementation of West Kortright Centre operations. Working in
 tandem with the Executive Director, he/she is the "go-to" person for
 most matters related to The Centre.

Overall responsibilities include:

  • fiscal record keeping and reporting;

  • database administration;
  • recordkeeping and reporting;
  • volunteer recruitment and oversight;
  • office and facilities management; and
  • box office operations.

Skills required include:

  • fiscal management,
  • computer literacy,
  • strong
 customer service, and
  • communication skills. 

Must be self-motivated, 
organized, detail-oriented, and flexible.

Bachelor's degree preferred.
 (Telecommuting is not an option.)

Salaried, full-time, begins immediately. E.O.E.

Send résumé and 3 references to the Executive Director,
 Martha Van Burek, at





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