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Job Details

Full Time
Schenectady, NY
5 Years
Bachelor's Degree
March 6, 2017

Director – SICM Food Program (EFP)

Position:                     Director – SICM Food Program (EFP)

Reports to:                 SICM Executive Director

Requirements:           Bachelor’s Degree and five years’ related experience working in a human service setting (additional experience may be substituted for education); excellent communication, interpersonal, organizational and computer skills; at least two years of management and supervisory experience; valid New York State driver’s license. 

Aver. Work Week:     This is a management position and while the regular work week is 35 hours, at times the work will go beyond the average.


Vision & Administration:

  1.      In collaboration with the Executive Director, SICM Steering Committee (board of directors), EFP Task Force, and staff, work to create and continually advance the vision of the Food Program, which includes developing new initiatives beyond the existing program
  2.      Oversee Food Program administration, implementation, evaluation, and development
  3.      Collaborate with Executive Director and appropriate staff to identify funding opportunities, draft funding proposals, and seek resources including fund-raising activities
  4.      Work with the Business Manager in planning and management of the Food Program budget
  5.      Work with the appropriate staff regarding outreach, communications and marketing
  6.      Interface with the Hunger Prevention Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP) Contract Manager and provide HPNAP with monthly service reports and other information as requested
  7.      Interface with the SICM Summer Food Service Program
  8.      Coordinate and facilitate Food Program staff meetings and, with the Food Task Force Chair and SICM Executive Director, staff the food task force meetings and activities
  9.      Attend and participate in SICM Steering, Assembly (currently 8 times/year), and staff meetings
  10.      Other duties as assigned by the SICM Executive Director


  1.     Oversee Food Program/EFP operations and provide support as necessary; presence on a regular basis at the 839 Albany Street location.
  2.      Oversee recruitment, orientation, training, and supervision of new and existing staff, volunteers, and others working at the Food Program/EFP
  3.      Evaluate staff performance
  4.      Monitor daily/monthly/year end usage statistics
  5.      Responsible for periodic updates of the Food4Schdy Smart Phone application; currently this is an interface with a Siena College faculty member


Outreach and Advocacy:


  1.       Represent Food Program/EFP at public meetings
  2.       Serve in community coalitions and committees to expand opportunities for EFP participants and to advance the EFP mission and program
  3.       Establish and maintain good working relationships with other agencies/organizations to further enhance the mission and work of SICM and the Food Program/EFP
  4.      Initiate and assist with food drives and fund raising events in collaboration with other SICM staff
  5.       Initiate and participate in advocacy actions on behalf of the hungry


Location:  The main location is 1055 Wendell Avenue in Schenectady which has some stairs and may not be suitable for persons with mobility issues. 

About SICM:  SICM is a faith-based, non-sectarian organization located in Schenectady, NY.  Organized in 1967, SICM’s mission is “to relate the resources of the congregations to the human needs of the community.”  SICM initiates and administers social service and social justice programs.   SICM’s largest program is the Food Program, which includes the county’s largest temporary and emergency food pantry at 839 Albany Street; the program oversees the SICM Community Garden near the pantry.   SICM sponsors the county’s only Summer Food Service program which provides meals for youth; the Schenectady County Embraces Diversity (SCED) initiative which provides safe spaces to dialogue on diversity; the Schenectady Damien Center for those affected by HIV in partnership with the Albany Damien Center; the SICM Summer Camp at Steinmetz Park in partnership with Camp Fowler; the Schenectady CROP Walk; and SICM participates and supports Patty’s Place and St. Joseph’s Place at 837 Albany Street.  SICM initiated other programs that are now separate from SICM, and participates in community partnerships such as the Community Crisis Network.  Applicants are encouraged to visit the SICM web site:

Salary and Benefits:  Salary:   is based upon experience; applicants are encouraged to send in salary requirements.  SICM is a viable small non-profit with a current annual budget of $2 million.

Benefits:  SICM has a personnel policy which governs benefits including regular vacation, holidays, sick time, individual health coverage, and employer retirement plan matching.

Equal Opportunity:  SICM is an equal opportunity employer with an affirmative action policy 

To Apply:  Send cover letter, current resume, and names and contact information of three professional references to SICM Food Program Director Search, SICM, 1055 Wendell Avenue Schenectady 12305; or by email:  Please, no phone calls. 

Notification:  SICM will only notify and acknowledge applicants that we seek to interview. 

Deadline:  March 24; review of applications will begin immediately.





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