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Part time
New York, NY
March 15, 2017

Board-Committee Member(s)-BCAGlobal

BCAGlobal ( is currently seeking individuals to serve on our advisory council to support the rapid growth. Our focus over the last few years has been developing tools and resources for the next generation of culinary and hospitality professionals of color.

Building the bridges and finding the common ground for Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans has been a challenge, but we realize the first step is to have engaged individuals that believe in the importance of diversity despite their own cultural background. Please let me know if you would have interest in engaging with us during this historic period of impacting the next generation of food service professionals. Thank you in advance for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

We are seeking persons knowledgeable about “philanthropy” and play a role-providing guidance for the development of fundraising and advise to fund-raising trends and opportunities. We have grown rapidly and anticipate a continuing expansion of activities and programs. A corporate executive or business entrepreneur who has lead rapid scaling and transitioning an organization through the complexity of growth would have valuable experience to share with Board and Staff.

Our story of touching and changing lives is a powerful narrative of what is possible raise the level of preparedness for people of color in the largest industry in the country, foodservice.  A board member who understands the power of story would provide important guidance evaluating its fund raising options, as well as assisting in the implementation of the strategies that would be most effective for the growth of BCA. Please connect with me as soon as possible to confirm or decline so as this instrumental team  can support program and National growth. 

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

  • Each member of the Advisory Council is asked to a member in good standing at the Professional level or Executive Management level.
  • Commitment to foster additional and maintaining current relationships.
  • Two face to face meetings and Two – Four Conference Call meeting each calendar year
  • A Clear understanding of BCA’s commitment to diversity and bridging communities of color

Please contact Alex Askew at
C- 631-513-0336

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